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Rostov State Medical University (RSMU) is an important one among other best medical universities in Russia. The Preparatory Faculty welcomes students from across the world. Our reputation is built on 35 years of experience in providing a high standard of service to our students. Rostov State Medical University has been training specialists for foreign countries since 1961. The Preparatory Faculty was established in 1966. More than 10 thousand students, representing 97 different countries have been prepared by the Preparatory Faculty since 1966. 

In 1991 the Faculty was defined as the basic one for under-graduate course students among Preparatory Faculties of Russia. It carries out its activity on the Terms of the Rules defined for foreign citizens studying in Russia. It has Dean’s office 6 departments and more than 50 members of the teaching staff. The Faculty enjoys a well-earned reputation for both research and teaching. Instructors of the Faculty have done a great deal in carrying out teaching programs in the Russian language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math.

The Preparatory Faculty offers an interesting program Russian: Russian language course combined ideally reading, writing, speaking, listening, training with grammar lessons. The communicative methodology serves first of all to break language barriers. At the end of the academic year students of the Preparatory Faculty pass the final examinations on Russian (in the written and oral forms), Chemistry, Biology, Physics. The final examinations are considered the entrance examinations for the first course. Extracurricular activities include many club meetings, excursions, rehearsals, and sports practices. They are a very important part of Faculty life, a link between different nationalities. Students perform in areas of common interest. The Faculty is the center of the social life of students.

In 1980 Rostov State Medical Institute was awarded the Order of Peoples Friendship for the achievements in training highly qualified specialists for Russia as well as for Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Foreign students are admitted to the Preparatory Faculty on international treats and on a contract basis as well.

The structure of the Preparatory Faculty contains the Dean’s office and six Departments:

– Department of the Russian Language No.1 
– Department of the Russian Language No.2
– Department of Biology
– Department of Chemistry
– Department of Physics and Mathematics
– The basis of the Social Sciences Department

The staff of the Preparatory Faculty consists of 44 teachers, among them 8 associate professors, 13 senior teachers and 12 lecturers with Ph.D.

After the preparatory course, the students are obtaining those necessary levels of knowledge that they will need further in order to study successfully at the first course of the university being the students.

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Course Features

  • Duration: 8-10 months
  • Language: Russian
  • Assessment: 2021-22