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Diploma of Physician of the Rostov State Medical University which has been training specialists for foreign countries since 1961 is highly appreciated abroad. In 1964 the Dean’s office of Faculty on Training Foreign Students and Postgraduates was organized. Foreign students are trained at the faculties of General Medicine, Pediatrics, Pharmacy, and Stomatology. Annually the University produces about 100 foreign specialists from about 100 countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. In recent years the number of students from CIS countries, Baltic States, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan has significantly increased. Students from different countries live as one big friendly family successfully obtaining one of the noblest and humane professions — medical one. The best foreign students are the scholarship holders of The Potanin’s Charity Fund.

Training foreign citizens on the postgraduate stage at the university has been carrying out since 1965.

Elena S. Yasanis has been supervising foreign interns and postgraduate students for 12 years. Approximately 200 specialists are trained in the internship, residency, and postgraduate (Ph.D.) course at the Rostov State Medical University. Annually 5-6 foreign postgraduates successfully defend their thesis by awarding the scientific title Ph.D. Young scientists-foreigners represent our University at international congresses and symposia on actual problems of medicine in Italy, France, Sweden, Germany, the USA, Turkey, and other countries.

Many graduates of the Rostov State Medical University after completing the residency and postgraduate course became prominent statesmen, heads of clinics, hospitals, departments of Ministries of Health in their Motherland. 



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  • Duration: 2-3 Yrs
  • Language: Russian
  • Assessment: 2021-22