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Rostov State Medical University (100 Yrs Old Reputed University)                    

Location: 29, Nahichevansky Lane      
City: Rostov-on-Don                               
344022 Rostov Oblast, Russia 

Duration of Course: 5.8 yrs, MCI Approved Govt. Medical University, 1200+ graduates working in India.

History of the Rostov State Medical University Foundation

The Rostov State Medical University is the successor of Russian Warsaw University, evacuated to Rostov-on-Don, and converted into The Don University. The best representatives of the medical schools of Warsaw, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Kazan were collected on its medical faculty and have founded their own unique Rostov medical school, which has become one of the best in Russia.

In 1930, the Medical Faculty of the University was reorganized into the Institute of Medicine, which has become the largest medical university in the South of the USSR.

In the 50s, the Institute has grown significantly, the university became the first category, won the right to conduct the defense of dissertations for awarding the degree of Doctor of Science. It has organized the Evening Department and the Faculty for Advanced Training of physicians.

In the 60s, there were opened the Central Scientific Research Laboratory, the Preparatory Faculty on Training Foreign Citizens, several new departments, and at the same time there was an improved clinical base.

In 1994, the Institute was granted University status, and then there were organized, several new faculties.

Today the Rostov State Medical University is the largest medical research center in Southern Russia.

RostSMU today

Rostov State Medical University is the largest basic training and research center in Southern Russia. Over the 85 years of its existence, it has become a diversified complex with 10 faculties, Medical College, Military Training Center, and its own Clinic. Leading and advanced doctors of our country have formed on the basis of the Rostov State Medical University their major scientific schools, headed by the Honored Workers of Science, Employees of high school, Honored Doctors, Honored Workers of Health and Culture, as well as world-renown scientists.

Today the Rostov State Medical University operates more than 100 departments. More than six hundred teachers are constantly working on introducing innovations and interactive forms of learning. Among them, there are 212 Doctors of Medical Science, 101 professors, and 624 PhDs. The academicians and professors who are working at our University now continue to develop the best traditions of their predecessors.

The system of Supplementary Education is divided into several categories. At the University there are training programs for doctors and medical organizations from all over the South of Russia. Every year about 8000 doctors are retraining on the Faculty Training, more than 1000 interns and residents — at the Faculty of Professional Retraining. In addition, the University has a Preparatory Faculty on Training Foreign Citizens, because the Rostov State Medical University is an international medical school that trains representatives of more than a hundred nationalities and ethnic groups from all over the world.

The scientific work is organized and coordinated by the scientific and research activity and is implemented into the departments and courses. RostSMU has five scientific laboratories, the Vivarium, the Scientific and Research Institute of Immunology. The Central Scientific Research Laboratory (CSRL) functions effectively, where a wide range of biochemical, molecular-genetic, morphological, microbiological studies are carrying out. There are 4 Dissertation Committees for Ph.D. and doctoral dissertation defense. The Rostov State Medical University develops international scientific cooperation with many countries exchanging scientific staff, students, teachers, highly qualified specialists, and participating in international scientific conferences and congresses.

The Clinic of our University is a multi-field medical institution, which has wide opportunities for modern diagnostic studies and a high level of effective specialized consultative, diagnostic and medical care to the population of the Rostov Region and other territories of the Southern Federal District and the Russian Federation. It is also the largest training base, which has all conditions for the educational process using the advanced forms and methods of training and modern achievements in medical science. In the Clinic, the students acquire the necessary skills and get acquainted with the most modern medical equipment.

The Clinic of RostSMU includes 20 inpatient units with 675 beds (including 125-day care beds), 2 Departments of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, Consultative Outpatient Department, a Dental Department, Medical Center, Сenter of Medical Ophthalmology, 13 medical-diagnostic subdivisions, Blood Technology Center. Today the clinic staff consists of 353 physicians, including 11 professors, 28 Doctors of Medical Science and 52 PhDs; more than 30 employees of the university are the main external specialists and experts of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation in the Southern Federal District, the Ministry of Health of the Rostov region and the Municipal Council «Health Management in Rostov-on-Don».

In recent years the centralization and automation of many diagnostic and medical departments of our University allowed us to concentrate and rationally use the staff, medical equipment, improve the quality of work of each structural unit and create a technology of the continuous medical-diagnostic process. The Rectorship puts particular emphasis on the organization of the educational process at the University. Nowadays we implement interactive forms of training and computerization of the educational process. The best professors and doctors of the University have the opportunity to undergo a course of internship in medical clinics and universities in Europe.

Under the realization of the priority national project «Health», the Administration of the University is actively developing and effectively implementing modern programs of medical-social rehabilitation of children and adolescents in practical healthcare. Under the realization of the educational task of the priority, national projects in the sphere of health care physicians for the Rostov Region and the whole Caucasian region are successfully trained at our University.

Graduates of the Rostov State Medical University have all the necessary knowledge, skills, and qualifications that enable them to succeed in their future careers. They are in demand in the labor market.

Today the Rostov State Medical University is the leading Higher Educational Institution of the Rostov region for training medical specialists. It is also the largest educational, scientific and medical center in Southern Russia and is one of the oldest universities in our country. 

Why RostSMU?

  • RostSMU is one of the oldest medical universities in Russia after Moscow, St. Petersburg.
  • The only university in Rostov-on-Don which is recognized by the Ministry of Healthcare & Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
  • Government-funded University.
  • The only university in Rostov-on-Don, recognized by the WHO, listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools (AVICENNA Directory for Medicine).
  • The only university in Rostov-on-Don, recognized by ECFMG (USA).
  • RostSMU is recognized by leading medical councils viz. EAU, GMC, NMC, etc.

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