Rostov State Medical University – Unleashing Great Opportunity to study MBBS in 2021

Rostov State Medical University – Turning MBBS Dream Abroad Into Reality

When you dream big, it always requires a reliable platform, isn’t it? If you are aiming for pursuing MBBS in Russia then Rostov State Medical University (RostSMU or RostGMU) will be an ideal place to be. The quality and standard of RostSMU are comparatively higher and far better than many Western universities. However, the cost of medical education is still very feasible. For this reason, a massive number of Indian students whose ambition is to pursue MBBS abroad are opting for Rostov State Medical University, Russia. It offers a host of advantages that include direct admission, no donation, feasible accommodation, affordable fee structure, safety, and security. However, the most exciting trait is its top quality and teaching standard in imparting medical education.

In India, every year more than 16 lacs students appear for the MBBS exam to qualify for just 40 thousand seats. They have to battle fierce competition in India to qualify for their dream goal. Though, not all can go through this exam. This leads many capable students looking for an MBBS course in Russia when they find it unfortunate to get through in India. Rostov State Medical University is a great option for such aspirants who want to continue their graduation or post-graduation in medicine from Russia.   

RREC (Reliable Russian Educational Consultants) is the official consultant for RostSMU. Visit the website for detailed information on RostSMU admission.


All you need to know about Rostov State Medical University

RostSMU is a non-profit medical education institute that is located in Rostov-on-Don City, Russia and it is the largest Government Medical University in South Russian Federation. Rostov State Medical University is among one of the oldest medical universities in Russia. It is also known as RostSMU or RostGMU. It is established in 1930. You can visit Rostov State Medical University’s official website for more detailed information related to University admission, fee, scholarship, faculties, etc.

When it comes to choosing a trustworthy medical university in Russia Rostov State Medical University RostSMU always considered among some of the frontline and finest options. A large number of international and Indian students enrolled in faculties like General Medicines, Pediatrics, Dentistry, and Pharmacy. RostSMU offers a degree that is recognized and approved by WHO, USMLE, ECFMG, GMC, NMC, IMED, and other organizations worldwide. Students from more than 30 countries come here to pursue medical education such as in Africa, Europe, UAE, Asia, etc. Students may also be benefitted from the Rostov State Medical University scholarship program.  The government provide subsidy on education and also help students who belong to the weaker section of the society.

Russia is among the popular destinations to study medicine due to many strong factors and affordability is one of them. RostSMU is a leading choice to pursue medical education for many aspirants in India due to its easy, flexible, and student-friendly admission policy. There are many medical universities in Russia that are NMC (National Medical Commission) recognized and government-affiliated as well. Consult RREC team, the most reliable consultant who offers a complete service for MBBS admission in Russia and the only official representative of RostSMU. Parents and students are invited to participate in our one-to-one consultation for study MBBS in Russia.

RostSMU accreditation and recognition

RostSMU is duly accredited by the Ministry of Health and Education of the Russian Federation. It is also approved and recognized by NMC (National Medical Commission) and WHO (World Health Organization). The Rostov State Medical University, offers a wide range of pre-bachelor degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctorate degrees in medical education and other areas of study. It is one of the esteemed choices for MBBS in Russia. Rostov State Medical University Ranking in 2021 Ranking plays a significant part in making up the mind of the students. Rostov State Medical University’s ranking has significantly improved recently. It only depicts the consistency and productivity of the RostGMU. The current Rostov State Medical University country ranking and world ranking is given below: Country ranking – 248, World ranking – 5344

Courses and faculties 

RostSMU has 6 faculties (General Medicine, Dentistry, Pediatrics, Pharmacy, Preparatory course, Post Graduate and Continuous Education) and 91 departments, a Military Training Center, a Clinic, and Medical College. Moreover, there is a Central Scientific Research Laboratory that carries out studies and research on microbiology, genetics, etc.

Factors to choose Rostov State Medical University

Students can trust and rely on Rostov State Medical University for doing an MBBS in Russia for several valid factors. It is a globally renowned medical institute and it is the hub for international students including a large number from India. Some of the prominent factors are listed below: 

  • No donation: Pursuing the MBBS program from a reputed government medical university of Russia may not be everybody’s cup of tea, especially when a donation is one of the factors to deal with.  As far as Rostov state medical university is concerned, you need not pay any donation. The admission process in RostSMU is purely based on secondary school percentage and entrance exam basis. Hence, you need not pay any kind of donation for taking admission to the MBBS course. It makes getting medical education quite feasible for many striving aspirants.
  • Quality education at a low cost: Studying MBBS from abroad often seems to be a high-cost affair especially when we see Western country’s medical universities. However, this is not the case with Rostov state medical university. Despite a remarkable teaching standard and unparalleled education, Rostov State Medical University fees are considerably affordable for Indian students as it is a government-affiliated university. You can complete the MBBS study in approximately 18-20 lacs.
  • A true value for money: RostGMU, being a non-profit and public university, is not very expensive. But this is not the only point that puts it onto the radar of value for money for students. It is the culture, effort, quality as well as the whole education system that prevails, makes it highly targeted or sought after medical university by India as well as international student worldwide.
  • Direct admission: RostSMU will be a wiser as well as a greater option for those who are looking to overleap the hurdle of tiresome entrance exams and follow their dream of achieving a globally renowned medical degree. RostSMU has a selective admission policy based on higher secondary percentages/grades & a common entrance exam based on the secondary school syllabus. 
  • Listed in top universities in Russia: Students always dream of studying in a top-notch medical university in Russia. RostSMU is listed in the top twenty medical universities in Russia. Hence, you can expect to achieve most of your education goals without compromising the quality of education. Rostov State Medical University‘s ranking is always rated higher due to its quality of medical education,  Rostov State Medical University’s country ranking is 248, which is quite healthy from all perspectives.
  • An advanced method of teaching and technology: The use of the latest technology and advanced teaching methods are some of the most empowering forces to learn and achieve world-class skill and expertise. RostSMU is well-equipped with the most refined and revised infrastructure necessary to render top medical education. It also pioneers in using the latest technology to leverage your effort and maximize optimum productivity.
  • High profile teachers and professors: The team of highly experienced teaching staff includes subject-expert professors, medical practitioners, and scientists, another reason why Rostov State Medical University, Russia is regarded extremely higher on students and parents’ choice for MBBS course. Rostov State Medical University comprises more than 100 departments. It includes over 600 faculties and experts facilitating their services to aspiring students and contributing to its innovation and interactive forms of learning.

The admission process at a glance

Completing the admission process is easy and quick. The only thing you should remember regarding RostSMU admission in 2021 is the deadline. If you apply for admission within the deadline, there will be no problem at all to accomplish the admission process online. Here are the steps to follow for admission.

  • Fill the application form correctly. You can visit the online portal of the university for this. You can visit the authorized and official representative of RostSMU – RREC where you will be duly guided regarding a complete application form submission and documentations. 
  • Submit all relevant documents related to admission through RREC.
  • All work will be completed by RREC from admission, an invitation to visa, ticket, etc. 
  • Official Contact Details; For Indian Students: 1800-572-5827 (Toll-free) | For Other Countries: +7-960-443-00-42


Accommodation and hostel facility

Accommodation or hostel facility is available in Rostov state medical university. The accommodation is based on a sharing basis where students are supposed to accommodate 3 students in a large room. Students are provided a separate bed, wardrobe, and study table respectively. Students can watch this video for Hostel view:


Rostov State Medical University admission fees & duration

Rostov State Medical University’s fee structure is quite affordable for Indian students as compared to several western universities. Though the Rostov State Medical University fee structure remains the same for six years, however, it may rarely change 3-4% every year.

Duration of MBBS in RostSMU: 6 years 

Total Fees for MBBS in RostSMU: INR 18-20  lacs (Excluding Food)

Note: The cost is approx. as it may fluctuate according to the current currency rate

Clearing NEXT exam or screening test

Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) or NMC screening test which was an indispensable exam that needed to be cracked if you want to pursue your career or practice medicine in India after taking Rostov State Medical University admission and completed MBBS from RostSMU or any other Russian University. However, FMGE or NMC screening test is abolished now by the regulatory. Now students in the final year will prepare for NEXT (National Exit Test) instead, a single-window examination, and that will replace the NEET-PG exam & NMC Exam (FMGE). It is going to be implemented by 2022. It means current students who are going to take admission for MBBS in RostSMU or abroad will have to take the NEXT exam. This test is essential and mandatory to pass in order to get the provisional or permanent registration licensing from the National Medical Commission of India. You will also be considered to be eligible for a one-year internship in India after clearing this exam.

Important information: Just appearing in the NEXT exam does not mean you are qualified to get provisional or permanent registration from NMC in India, you need to pass it as well. You must be well-informed and aware of the eligible criteria, scheme, and pattern of the examination before filling the application form. To appear in the NEXT exam, the candidate must complete their primary medical qualification (MBBS) from NMC approved university in Russia.

Consult official representative to avoid fake agents

Undoubtedly, over the years, many unauthorized or unofficial agents have surged who try to take maximum advantage of the reputation and popularity of Rostov State Medical University. During the consultation for MBBS in Russia, you may confront several agents who claim to be an official representative of RostSMU however they are just creating false assumptions to trap you in. Under such circumstances, both students and parents must be aware of the fact that such agents may try to distract you with attractive schemes or several other misleading and unauthorized information regarding Rostov State Medical University admission. Here you need to be wise and clever. You should consult the appointed and official representative of RostSMU that is RREC (Reliable Russian Educational Consultants)

RostSMU reviews

Several students who are pursuing or have completed their medical studies from the university provide their insight in the form of reviews, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Training and teaching facility is optimum at RostSMU University. Teachers are very highly experienced and helpful. The teaching standard is also above par. The university environment is peaceful as well. I believe one cannot find many negatives here. Still, I believe as a student, you should also give your 100% to achieve your goal… B. Vikram, Andaman & Nicobar Islands.
  • I am a fourth-year medical student at RostSMU. Professors and teachers are quite experienced having in-depth knowledge and expertise in their domain. It is so far so good experience for me. I have been exposed to a standout teaching methodology. Eventually, I realized that I had made the right decision by choosing RostSMU for MBBS… Manjesh Kumar, Bihar.
  • I am a 5th-year student. I always give value to the quality of education and expert teacher and professor. It is so because this is what matters in the long run. I like the teaching pattern which is quite engaging and progressive. It will make you competitive and prepared you for big things and challenge to come. Impressed so far… Ishan Sharma, Jammu.

Rostov State Medical University is a highly sought-after university in Russia for doing MBBS. If you are looking for a medical university that can offer world-class education at an affordable budget you can always pick Rostov State Medical University in Russia. The RREC team, the official representative of RostSMU will always be there to provide all assistance and consultation for admission in RostSMU. Do not hesitate to contact us at for a free consultation.

RostSMU Motto: «Время учиться быть профессионалом» “It’s a Time to be a Professional”  (Study Medicine in Rostov State Medical University, Russia)

The beauty of Rostov in all Seasons-Welcome to RostSMU & Rostov-on-Don city!